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Ridgewoods Outdoor Learning


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The Program

RidgeWoods is a living forest school!

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It offers wilderness retreat experiences for children, families, and educators.

In a variety of wilderness habitats, we will wonder, inquire and embark on a journey of self-discovery. It includes natural gardens, a pond, a stream, meadows, hilltops, and acres of protected and sacred land. It includes a mini-museum and atelier in the woods, and much more. We promote healthy living, creative movement, singing, laughter, kindness, resilience, positive thinking, mindfulness, simplicity, compassion, gratitude, generosity, and respect for the earth’s ecological system.  

What do children do in it?

We fully immerse outside in the wilderness of RidgeWoods:

a) We play games, sing, laugh, inquire, read the world around us, do storytelling, and create story lines, walk, run, hike, and much more.

b) We discuss the transformation of the earth and what each season bring to us, keep a journal, and contemplate.

c) We do art, crafts, mold with clay, build teepees, towns, castles, and much more using mother nature gifts, we paint on canvas, dance, and have a drum circle.

d) We embrace the weather of the day: snow, wind, rain, sunshine, cloudy days or something in between and give thanks for what we have!


Sara Raeesi is the founder and director of Ridgewoods Outdoor Learning.

Sara is committed to diversity and equity with a passion for nature, travelling, and lifelong professional learning and growth. She is a mentor, facilitator, and a pedagogue with over twenty-five years of experience working with children, families and educators in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa. Among other experiences, her professional portfolio includes educational consultation and teaching in post-secondary learning environments in British Columbia and Ontario.

Sara has a degree in Education Science, a BA in Childhood Studies (RECE), and is working towards her Masters in Education in Human Ecology & Everyday Life. Sara has training in wilderness survival and holds certificates in Early Childhood Music Education and Outdoor Education. She trained in Nature Pedagogy in Denmark, Sweden and outdoor training in the UK. Sara has spent the past six years in the the beauty and wonder of this sacred land learning and developing Early Years wilderness retreats.

Retreat, Flow, & Heal in Nature ~ Experience the wilderness of the Carp Ridge
Ridgewoods in the four seasons


For questions, please contact Sara at

DROP-OFF: 9:30 - 10:00am
PICK-UP: 3:00 - 3:15pm (Latest pick up is 3:15pm)
Early Birds: 9:00 - 9:30am
Owls: 3:15 - 3:30pm
(Extra fee for early drop-off & late pick-up. Please enquire)

Children need to bring lunch, water & seasonal gear for all programs.

Payment is due as per financial contract.

Ratio: One leader / 5 children each day

Open 12 months a year. Closed statutory holidays, inclement weather,
1 week in spring, 2 weeks in summer and 2 weeks for end-of -year holiday.

Nature Insiders 5.5 - 8 years of age
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Forest Preschool & Kinder Wild Garden, 3-5 years of age
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Woodland Flowers, 2.5 and 3.5 years of age and under

Babies in Nature program for mothers & infants

Youth leadership skills

Residential Studies for educators

Kinder Wild Garden Field Trips